Official Whitepaper, last update July 2022 is a fully on-chain autobattler in Lucha Libre style! Just like the Luchador NFTs themselves, the gameplay mechanics will be 100% onchain so these Luchadores can battle for as long as the blockchain stands.

Players are passive during the fight, so you can be attacked while offline. Luchadores attack each other in turn, charging their energy bar and triggering their skills. Besides being an autobattler, is a strategic game where the player's job is to find the best build and choose, among a limited choice, the opponent where the result will be the most favourable to them (matchmaking) Wearables, trainings scrolls and skills that synergise with stats, create exciting fights with surprising outcomes, all made fair with the trustless randomness provided by Chainlink VRF.

Customise your name, stats, skills and wearables to win fights and earn LUCHA

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