1 $MASK is earned for 1 $LUCHA staked every 24 hours, it means 50 $LUCHA staked 30 days earn 1,500 $MASK
You can stake
tokens to earn
at a 1:1 ratio, it means for 1
staked 24 hours earn 1

What to do with your $MASK

Train your Luchador

You can spend your
to buy training
and train your Luchador and gain stats temporarily. Trainings are the fuel of the Luchadores, they must train regularly to maintain their athletic performances and honor the Lucha Libre

Prodigy System

When we determine that the demand for Luchadores is large enough and there is room for sustainable growth, you will be able to spend
on the Prodigy System


Although the main source of spending and volume around the $MASK economy should be with training passes (ERC1155 transferable), we envision for large
farmers cosmetic content in very limited quantities
is a non-transferable token, that can only be obtained through staking and only exists in the game.
Please note that the game is going through further testing and balancing. Rewards, mechanics and calculations are subject to change.