The Aztec Arena will be offered for sale in an Auction 1:1, which means that the asset will only be produced in unique original copy as an ERC 721

Arena Tokenomics

The Aztec Arena will obviously not be the only one, in addition to being aesthetic and unique assets, a whole economy is built around these items. Arenas also allow you to collect passive income, via “Luchadores Arena Tournament” or active, via duplicata.

Active income : Duplicata

The owner has the possibility to mint a slightly different reproduction of the original in order to sell it on the MarketPlace at the price of his choice (+ fee 5%)

i : Players can make a “duplicata mint offer” to the original owner for the next mint, it means, owner can accept the offer, in one click he mints, transfers the Duplicata and receives the funds less the fees (mint cost + marketplace fee)

Passive income : “LAT”

LAT, Luchadores Arena Tournaments will be organized monthly, the VRF draws the arena where the tournament will take place and the owner(s) of this arena will receive 10% of the CashPrize.

The passive income is divided equally between the original and the duplicata :

CashPrize shares = 1 / (1 + number of duplicata)

Example for 4 arenas (one original + 3 duplicatas) : Each arena owners share 25% of the 10% of the Luchadores Arena Tournament Cashprize (either 2,5% of the total CashPrize)

Although the passive income is reduced with each mint duplicate, the number of duplicatas increases the chances of being drawn by the VRF for the next LAT.

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