100% of the funds collected for the first Piñata remain in treasury
Does your Luchador look too cute ? Or not cute enough? No problem !
Wearables will be available to purchase and can be shown off in the arena for vanity and stat benefits.

Piñata Genesis Event

On January 30th took place the first piñata in partnership with : - 1 piñata contained 1 item & pegged 30 $MATIC - payable in LUCHA - 5 slots : helmet, torso, gloves, bottom, boots - 5 rarity : common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary x

"Public Sale" sold out in 30 min ...

4500 Piñatas were available for purchase, a "private sale" allowing Luchador hodlers to buy up to 5 pinatas per wallet for a period of 24 hours, half of the pinatas were minted, then "public sale", the other half sold out in 30 mins.
In order to perpetuate the project, 100% of the funds collected remain in treasury, this first
allowed Luchadores to acquire 60% POL (LP shares) on both LP
POL, Protocol Own Liquidity, guarantees the market that the liquidity is always there to facilitate sell or buy
and by being the largest LP (liquidity provider), it earns most of the LP fees and Comethswap LM (liquidity mining) which represents another source of income to the protocole.
In order not to flood the wearables market,
will be infrequent events (quarterly). They will be partnerships with projects that we consider relevant and promising.