Liga Mayor

Throughout the season, there will be leaderboards displaying the most talented Luchas. This is the perfect place to promote your Luchadores name and gain recognition.


Luchadores require stamina to fight in Liga Mayor and earn LUCHA. They will have to take a break once it runs out.
Each Luchador has a maximum of 3 Stamina which regenerates at a rate of 1 per 8 hours (21 per week)
Your Luchador can still appear as an opponent in the matchmaking system regardless of your current stamina - being targeted won't affect your stamina count. If you successfully defend you will receive LUCHA


July will be the beginning of the transition from off-chain to on-chain tools :
- Instant fight result - History of fights - Replay - Matchmaking - Leaderboard This pre-season will allow us to continue balance skills, stats and fights before the release of the S1 and the "reputation yield".
During the Pre-Season, ELO ranking will not be available but the first rewards will be distributed: - 1
per win - 0.25
per defeat Claimable at any time

Liga Mayor : Season 1

Logo de Liga Mayor de Lucha Libre
When we are satisfied with the balancing of the game we will launch season 1 of the Liga Mayor of Lucha Libre ! Fighters will now gain reputation and therefore additional yield according to their reputation.
The highest ranked Luchador at the end of Season 1 will win "El Trueno" the Luchador #7836, member of the Council of 7 !
El Trueno, Luchador #7836


As your Luchadores reputation increases, you will earn more LUCHA (claimable at any time) from winning battles and face stronger opponents :
Reputation (ELO)
LUCHA Token Rewards
< 1000
1000 - 1199
1200 - 1399
1400 - 1599
1600 - 1799
1800 - 1999
2000 - 2199
> 2200
Reputation will be reset at the end of each season. Get your calculators ready, theorycrafting will be in order !