Luchadores Community Tournament

In addition to launching hundreds of thousands of simulations, it seemed more fun and educational to organize a community tournament to spot any imbalances in the game.
Active community members got involved with team members to organize and cast the first tournament on Twitch. LUCHA, wearables and fullset human were up for grabs and LCT #1 was won by Black Cherry ! (Luchador #4790)
Black Cherry wons this first tournament

Luchadores Arena Tournament

Luchadores Arena Tournament logo
Once the first arenas delivered, we will implement the "Luchadores Arena Tournament". This new format of tournament will be monthly, where players can register their Luchadores :
  • No limit of Luchador per wallet
  • Wearables accepted
LAT - Revenue Sharing
Before the tournament begins, the Chainlink VRF Goddess draws the arena in which the tournament will take place. The owner(s) of that arena will be awarded a share of the tournament cash prize.