🀼Skills & Passives

Luchadores start all equal, they all have 3 skill slots, 1 passive slot, 88 statistics points, 5 wearables slots

Luchadores attack each other in turn and each successful attack loads their Mojo Gauge. Once charged to 100, the Mojo Gauge empties to trigger Skill 1. Skills follow each other in chronological order until one of two Luchadores is knocked down (HP = 0)

Besides being an autobattler, Luchadores.io is a strategic game where the player's job is to find a balanced build and choose the opponent against whom they have the best chance of winning (matchmaking)

Wearables and trainings but especially the skills/passive synergizing with the statistics, the whole sprinkled of random trustless with the Chainlink VRF make the fights exciting and the outcome sometimes surprising

Skills are triggered in chronological order, and synergizes with statistics. Strategically combining and ordering your skills will greatly impact the outcome of the fight :




Damage x2 + 20 pts Mojo Gauge

2 basic attacks + 20% AGI bonus damage

Ignores opponents END + 40% AGI bonus damage

50% chance to stun + 20% END bonus damage

Heal damage dealt

+8% all stats and skip turn (stacks)

All stats

Heal 20% of max HP and skip turn

Half opponents Mojo Gauge progress + 30% damage

100% chance hits. 20% chance 3 hits. 5% chance 4 hits

Deal 20% of missing HP as bonus damage

Opponent takes 1% HP max when his turn is over (stacks)



Can't be finished off by a special skill

Initially, your fist 3 skills and passive will be randomly assigned to you by Chainlink VRF Goddess.

You will have the possibility to roll the skills for free once, then 5 LUCHA for each manually modified skill

Please note that the game is going through further testing and balancing. Rewards, mechanics and calculations are subject to change.

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