🗿Initial State

Luchadores.io is a full on-chain autobattler in Lucha Libre style

Luchadores.io is a 100% on-chain auto-battler in an 8-bit style for the nostalgic retro gamer and the universe of Lucha Libre ! The generation of these unique 10,000 Luchadores, NFT ERC 721, was a fully onchain process thanks to the use of Chainlink VRF. This guaranteed that every Luchador was minted without post-reveal or rarity manipulation.

Each Luchador has their attributes, the visual and the other data in the ERC 721, stored on the blockchain Ethereum, that ensures you own the data at any time. As for the token and in-game mechanism, we use the Polygon blockchain for obvious reasons of network costs.

The yield will be linked to the Luchador, so if it is transferred the new holder will benefit from future and unclaimed yield rewards !

LUCHA is the governance and economic token of the game Luchadores.io

1 MASK is earned for 1 LUCHA staked every 24 hours

It means 50 LUCHA staked 30 days earn 1,500 MASK

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